A Quick one, While He’s Away

Deadwood is fantastic television. Brilliant writing, incredibly sympathetic characters (given their obvious, um, flaws). Harsh, in-your-face directing and editing, mixed with sensible scoring to create the atmosphere. At times hard to watch, but always exhilarating, everyone should find this show to watch. It scores bonus points for featuring Molly Parker.

Ocean’s 12 was clearly called in, long distance on a satellite phone in an electrical storm. No one’s really trying, no one really cares. It’s saved by the pure talent that Steven Soderburgh possesses, and the undeniable charm of the cast. It loses points for having lost Don Cheadle’s character’s cockneyisms.

Jade Empire continues Bioware’s run as the best game developer in the business. Compelling storyline, gorgeous graphics, humorous references to the kung-fu genre. It, however, loses massive points for not having user profiles, making very hard to not accidentally overwrite your wife’s saved games, which is bad. Very, very bad.

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