…And they’re off!

This week marked the start of the 2005 ultimate season. This season, I’m playing on two teams: On Tuesday nights, I’m playing on a team called “Denial & Error”. On Thursday nights, I’m playing on a team called “T.J.’s Hookers”. Both teams are liable to change their name, but there you go.

I’m very excited to be playing again. I really miss ultimate when it’s not ultimate season. I’m also excited because of the way my summer is structured: my Tuesday team is, shall we say, more competitive, and I’m definitely NOT one of the better players, so I expect to learn alot, such as how to read the game better, new throws, etc. My Thursday team, by contrast, is less competitive, with lots of new players, and I probably am one of the better players. So I get to take what I learn every Tuesday, and apply it anew on Thursday.

And the season started well too: A win on Tuesday, and then on Thursday, one (close) loss, and one win. That one win means my Thursday team is only one win away from matching our total for all of last summer, which would be a nice feat. Now, if only more boys would show up on Thursday, because we didn’t really have any male subs, which makes for a lot of running around.

Hooray for Ultimate!

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