The Pencilcase: Now RSSier!

So I’ve spent the last couple of days overhauling the Pencilcase CMS to include a much-improved RSS generator. Previously, there was one global feed that was built entirely of news-releases. Additionally, it only spat out RSS 2.0-formatted feeds.

As of, oh, 10 minutes ago, the Pencilcase can now generate RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds (it seemed a little silly to start to include older versions of RSS). But this is just step 1!

Additionally, each “collection” of news can now generate it’s own RSS feed, so that you can keep seperate feeds of “News Releases” “Uploaded Articles”, or however else you’ve decided to organize & sub-divide your news types. You can, of course, control this at a collection-level, so if you don’t want a collection to have a feed, it won’t.

I’ve also added in all published content (news, pages, member profiles) as options to be included in the global feed – which means that should someone wish it, they could learn via RSS about all content updates to your site. It makes use of the category tag to identify what exactly is being updated.

And of course, much like individual news articles, you can set a page or member to NOT be included by default in the feed, or specifically exclude or include an item.

What does this mean? Essentially, a real mix-‘n’-match way of building RSS for Pencilcase-driven sites now exists, allowing users to syndicate what they want, how they want, without ever having to hear “No, sorry, it doesn’t do that”, which I hate having to tell people.

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