The Things You Learn

So, when I back up my machine, which I do regularly, I wrote this complicated little DOS-based script that recursed through my directory tree, looking for changed files, and copying those across the network to a particular shared drive. Which has worked well, but wasn’t fun to write, and made me think that it must be really hard for the average Joe, who’s not all old-school with the knowing of DOS.

What I learned today is that Windows has a pretty decent built-in backup system, with a nice GUI, and easy-to-use scheduler, and all sorts of useful options, etc. I can’t believe that I’ve never seen this before! I mean – how long have I been using Windows? And this has apparently existed since Windows 98? Crazy. I feel like the old fogey who still struggles to manually mow his lawn with a push mower, not even aware that there’s new-fangled electric or gas mowers that will save me time, and more importantly, save my back (although, personally, I don’t think that there should be gas mowers. Electric, sure. Solar? Sure. Maybe even steam-powered. But not gas. We should do away with as many gas-powered deviced as possible).

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