I managed to hurt my back this weekend, while carrying 2 18L bottles of water upstairs. I tripped over Sam, who was trying to get outside. Rather than dropping either of those bottles down the stairs, I tried some fancy-footwork, which resulted in no dropped bottles, one scared, but uninjured cat, and me with a wrenched lower back.

Given that I’d been getting a sore back already from all the bending over involved in caring for Liam (picking up, changing, putting down, staring at, etc), my back is in some serious discomfort right now. Now, it’s not the kid keeping me up at night (Leah’s really wonderful about letting me sleep through the weeknights), but my back is. Grrr.

Of course, I’m going to go play ultimate tonight. Hopefully, which some appropriate stretching, the exercise will actually be helpful, rather than harmful. If not, well, I suspect my chiropractor might make a pretty penny from me in the next few weeks.

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