Cat Scare

Sometime last night or today, my cat Sam escaped our apartment, probably by leaping off the balcony. Leah called me at work at around 2:45pm today, when she realized that he was not in the house. I came home, and we looked around a little, but no avail. Panic and sadness set it. We printed up and posted “Lost Cat” signs, posting them around our complex and on the streets &s alleys near us.

At 9:45pm,I did find Sam. He was hiding in the bushes at the front of our building, on Pacific st. Like he often does, he started meowing when I called his name (he’ll often come when called), and once I shook the bag of kitty treats that I had with me for extra reasons for Sam to come, he emerged from the bushes that he’d been hiding in, and came running down the sidewalk towards me. I scooped him up in my arms and carried him inside. He was trembling, clearly terrified. We, of course, were totally relieved. Now I can take down those lost cat posters!

So a funny side note: the cat’s been stuck outside all day, and what’s the first thing he does when he comes in? Goes to his litter box. My first cat? Never once used his litter box. He would dig himself a hole in a foot of snow on the coldest day of a Toronto winter before he’d use a litter box. But Sam, an indoor cat, clearly doesn’t know that he can go to the bathroom outside.

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