Online movie rentals

Has anyone tried out any of these online DVD-rental shops, like or Netflixx? I’m more specifically interested in, because it’s Canadian. We currently rent from a DVD place around the corner from us (GigaDVD), which is great, and has a similar set up to these online places (unlimited rentals for $20/mo, max 1 new release, 1 old movie at a time). But like all video stores, you gotta return them in a day or 2. With Liam now, we don’t always get to watch a movie when we think we will. We’ve now a couple of times rented a movie, and not actually got to watch it. So we’re thinking with something like Zip, because there isn’t this urgency to return the film so quickly, it might make life easier. They also have the advantage of being just a giant warehouse, where shelfspace isn’t an issue, so they can stock far more movies. All of these things sound good.

On the downside, you’re dependent on Canada post for this to work. Additionally, I can’t just “get a movie” – it’s what arrives in the post. Plus, who knows what their customer service is like. I did a quick check, and didn’t see any more horror stories online than I’d expect to (I always expect someone to rant about something online).

Has anyone out there used these services? Are they worth it? Should we try it?