Who are these people?

So a while back, I was wondering if I should go to my 10-year high-school reunion. I didn’t, for all sorts of reasons, and am I’m pretty pleased I didn’t.

Today, I was just sent some photos from said reunion. And you know what? Despite the fact that my grad class was only about 60 people, and I knew most people fairly well, I barely recognized anyone in these photos. I was kinda surprised, really. I expected to be able to say “Oh! that’s so-and-so. Doesn’t she look good/terrible. Isn’t he fat/buff/scrawny”. But I think I only recognized about 5 people in the photos. There’s another 5 or so that looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember their names.

Which really just goes to show just how long ago high-school was, and how completely irrelevant these people are in my life now. And confirms my feeling that I didn’t need to go to this high school reunion. I’m not generally one for wallowing in nostalgia, which this seems like an exercise in.

Onwards and upwards, folks!

P.S.: regular programming will return to this site soon. Probably early August.

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