Morning Moods

So I’ve always held that one’s mood upon waking up says a lot about one’s personality. This might be because I nearly always wake up happy, and like to think that I’m, well, a nice, happy person. I have an ex-girlfriend who was an absolute nightmare in the mornings, for at least an hour, and well, I think that sums her up pretty well too, sometimes. Leah is sometimes happy, sometimes not so much. And you know what? That’s a pretty good indication of Leah. She can be moody sometimes. I love her dearly, but even she would admit (I hope), that sometimes, she’s not terribly pleasant ;).

Liam, I’m pleased to say, is nearly always happy when he wakes up in the morning. I don’t get to see him wake up every morning, as sometimes I’ve already gone to work, but days when I’m there, he’s smiley and communicative – cooing and gurgling and looking about with his big, sparkling eyes. And when I’m still drowsy, under the covers, there’s just something so amazing about lying there with him as he looks about and talks to us.

In other exciting Liam-related news, the little dude can now grab and hold on to things. This is a fairly new development, and it’s so cool to watch him grasp onto some object, and bring it to his mouth. I didn’t know this, but apparently a baby’s moth is their primary means of exploring something. So as he sniffs and licks and mouths and generally tries to stuff whatever it is he can get his hands on into his mouth, he’s learning! Also interesting, although at this age, not telling of anything, is that Liam is showing a definite preference to holding things in his left hand, and is noticably more adept with that hand as he brings this to his mouth – his right hand is still more flaily (is that even a word?), and he drops objects held in his right frequently. Neither Leah nor I are left handed (although there’s a fair amount of left-handedness in my family), and I’ve no idea what determines handedness, but part of me really wants Liam to be left-handed, if only because it’s something that sets him apart, and everyone I know who is left-handed is really a) interesting b) smart/creative.