Bathing Advice?

So I need some advice w/r/t giving Liam a bath. Well, not actually the bath – he seems to dig those well enough. I wouldn’t say he loves his bath, but he seems quite content to be naked and in water. He’ll smile at me as I sing my little “washing up the baby” song (to the tune of “my baby bumblebee”), and he often giggles when I wash his sides – this all leads me to believe he’s liking the bath.

But once I take him out of the water and lay him in the towel, his lower lip starts to tremble, then he sticks way out and his eyes start frantically darting about. Seconds later, he’s screaming. I don’t know if he’s cold, but I don’t think he is because the bathroom is still hot and steamy (we run the shower for a bit to heat up the air, pre-bath). He might simply not like the feel of terrycloth on his skin, but again, I wouldn’t know why, and that seems strange to me.

I’ve now exposed the point of this post at least – do any parents out there have any advice to give on what might be the cause of his screaming? Or how I could prevent it? We’d like to add a bath to his bedtime ritual, as the actual act in fun me, and seemingly for him too, but he gets so worked up post-bath that it’d be impossible to get him to sleep afterwards. Actually, it pretty much impossible to anything but hold & console him after a bath. So please, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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