The little dude has taste, although it doesn’t always match mine

So this weekend, I’ve had the iPod hooked up to the stereo, shuffling away while I’ve hung out with Liam. And it’s become apparent that I have music that he really likes, and music that he really doesn’t like.

In the latter category,we find such artists as Ron Sexsmith, Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, The Beta Band, Depeche Mode, anything ambient and old Beck. The common thread of all of these artists is the tenor of the singer’s voice, as well as certain slower tempo to the music.

In the former category, we have a clear standout in Orbital, whose chime and bleeps and squirbles tickle Liam to no end. He also, after an initial start, got a real kick out of … is it the sinner? (“If you see you mom, tell her, SATAN SATAN SATAN…”) The B-side to The Saint from the InSides double disc. Other good music, according to the Liam smile/pout scale include Bob Marley, Underworld, Decemberists, new Beck, Gwen Stefani, Bloc Party & The Evolution Control Committee.

In any case, Liam, when not playing with a toy, but sitting quietly, seems to be very attentive to music, turning to the speaker with the start of each song, concentrating, and only turning away back to look at something else once he’d made up his mind about the song.

The cutest moment yesterday was when “Farwell Thumbelina” (by Ron Sexsmith) came on. Liam, who was contently cooing at me, turned to the speaker, then back to me. He’d stuck out his lower lip and was pouting, about to cry. I quickly put him down and went on to the next song. He then completely calmed down and was cooing at me within seconds of the next song starting.

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