Four Whole Months!

So Liam is now four months old. I can’t believe that I’ve been a dad for four months. Four Whole Months! That’s, like, 2 generations in Internet Time! And you know what else? He doesn’t seem that scarred by the ordeal yet. For those who like that sort of thing, there’s far too many pictures of him as he looks now in my Gallery. There’s a whole series of just his face as he was sitting on my lap. I just held the shutter-trigger down for a few seconds, and that’s what came out. There’s also a couple shots of Twitch loungeing in the sun on our balcony, and some complete strangers at a Birthday Party that Leah & Liam attended last weekend. I mean, they’re not complete strangers to Leah, but they are (mostly) for me, and almost definitely are for you. Oh yeah! And some cute shots of him on his new playmat, and most excitingly, shots of him eating food! His first (ok, third) meal of solid (and when I say solid, I mean a pasty mush) food!

Four months!

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