I had something to say here, I really did. I wrote up a nice long piece about the movies I’ve seen recently. However, the post has completely disapeared. So, here’s a quick summary:

  • The Interperter: Ok, but too damned self-important. It in some ways looks like someone got permission to film inside the UN, and then said “Oh wait! we need a story too, don’t we?”
  • Unleashed: A cute mess of a movie. For a Jet Li film, wretchedly bad (and not nearly enough) fight choreography. He essentially did the same 4 moves against everyone he fought.

So, otherwise, thing’s are pretty busy. Liam seems content to let me calm him down at night again, which is a big relief for Leah. And she’s out tonight, so if anyone wants to go for a walk, I’ll probably be walking him to sleep sometime around 7:30. Look for me wandering aimlessly around the west end.

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