The Horror!

We’ve started Liam on the “solid” food now, firmly (there was an aborted attempt about a month ago, but after further reading, we stopped until 3 days ago). This is fun, in that watching Liam eat is really enjoyable – seeing him purse his lips, screw up his eyes and generally make funny faces as he experiences the new flavours assaulting his tongue – but it does have it’s down side.

That downside is that Liam now has Human Poop. Before the solid food, he had baby poop, which is runny and not too smelly, and best of all, only showed up once every ten days or so. But now, now that he’s eating food with substance to it, he’s pooped every day! Every day! And his poop is solid and sticky and brown and you know, just like our poop. Only, I have to clean it up (well, Leah does too)! And that’s just so gross! I totally get the howling fantods every time. Well, so far, it being 3 days, 3 times. Hopefully this’ll pass. Last night I didn’t get the gag reflex I had the first 2 times, so things are looking up!

What really worries me is the combination of sticky poop and Liam’s newly-discovered feet. It was by the barest of milimetres that I stopped Liam last night from putting his foot, which moments before he’d managed to stick in the poop, into his mouth, poop and all. Ewww! I’m going to have to be much more careful when changing his poopy diapers now, it appears.

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