We made it!

We’ve arrived in Kentucky. For the most part, all of our fears about Liam travelling were fruitless – he was totally a star traveller. Only one real incident of squawking, not even crying, all day. And there was all sorts of lining up! In Vancouver, the line-ups were plentiful: 1 long line to check in, 1 long line to clear customs 1 short line to go through security, 1 medium line to board the plane. Getting on the plane was fun, what with me carrying 3 large carry-on bags (mine, Leah’s and Liam’s diaper bag), and Leah carrying Liam. But, we managed to keep him entertained, and he had about a 45-minute nap on the first flight which was great. I figured that the wait in Chicago wouldn’t be so much fun – Liam normally only tolerates so much time spent in the stroller, particularly if he’s not moving. But again, he surprised me. He was definitely fussier, but it didn’t take much to entertain him, and after we gobbled down some food, and I walked to the end of the concourse and back, it was time for our next flight – a much shorter flight, on a much smaller plane. Liam squirmed a bit during takeoff, but he eventually fell asleep on my lap during the flight – again, withou any real fussing. What a star!

So now we’re staying with my sister, in her beautiful old house. Their living room/dining room is probably larger than the the apartments of each an every one of my friends. And the kitchen! I’m not normally a huge. “Oh look at that kitchen!” type of person, but it’s totally the type of ktichen you only see on TV or in magazines. Real people don’t have ktichens this nice, do they?

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