It worked!

At 12:42 PM, today, I finally sent a successful WAP Service Indication message to my client. I have had a hellish time getting this to work. Why? Well, in part because the documentation I was given was somehow (seeing as it came as a PDF) was missing page 17. I didn’t notice that it was missing page 17 until Friday. And on page 17, it explained how to set the push-header, which is prepended before the Service Indication message. And the header does such nice things as set the content-type as text/, thus letting the receiving handset know that it is receiving a WAP SI message. So I wrote the documentation provider to let them know about this oversight on their part, and nearly 30 days after I was originally supposed to have this done, it is now complete. So watch this space for an annoucement about a pretty fun new mobile ringtone (all “realtunes”, or MP3 ringtones) & wallpaper site that I’m now putting the finishing touches on for my client. Sadly, it will be U.S. only to start, but they’ll come to Canada as soon as the Canadian mobile providers decide to allow new vendors in.

Oh, and one more thing: WOOO-HOOO!