The new, improved me!

You may, or may not have, noticed a slight flash when arriving here. You’ve been redirected (temporarily) to Any day now, test. will become the www. of this site. Yes, I’ve had some work done. Nothing cosmetic, but I did get all of my bones laced with indestructible adamantium. I was also given a new ticker. Two, if I understood my fantastic host correctly. Mostly this means nothing to you, as the site is otherwise unchanged. For me, it means that when I post an entry, it actually saves, without me having to rebuild all the relevant pages in a separate process, every time. It also means we’re now running of MySQL, rather than the Berkely DB, which was slowing down as this site grew. It also means that I don’t have to regularly delete files in order to upload, say, a new photo, as there’s actually some spare space on this box. Finally, I upgraded to the new version of Gallery, which is much nicer to work with, although I’m less sold on the public interface at the moment. I suspect some template tweaking will follow at some point. Leah‘s site will be following shortly.

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