Weird American Survey

I just received a phone call at work that was an automated survey, based on American politics. They called our 1-866 number, so I’m guessing that’s on a list somewhere. Anyway – I’ve never participated in a phone-poll run by a robot. All I had to do was press “1” for yes and press “2” for no. Below, I’m listing the questions. See if you can guess how I answered each question:

  1. Do you approve of George Bush’s policies in Iraq?
  2. Do you think the US should negotiate the release of hostages in Iraq?
  3. Do you think the Air Marshalls were justified in shooting [that guy] in Miami?
  4. Do you think the US is in a better economic situation compared to last year?
  5. Do you think Florida Governor Jeb Bush is a strong presidential candidate?

I wonder if my left-leaning Canadian politics will skew this poll? I was trying to guess the politics of the polling organization. I’m assuming that it’s a left-wing poll, because the questions are worded in a slightly negative way, vis-a-vis current policies, but, of course, maybe they were expecting a different set of answers than I gave…

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