Why I’m no longer afraid to succeed.

I was just talking to Brishen (registration required) about this: that lots of people are afraid of Big Things. Like projects, or commitments, or large sums of money. It’s true that when the stakes are higher, the risk can be greater. I, for the longest time, would consistently sabotage good things that were happening for me, and thus remain safely mediocre. But that’s no longer the case. Not only that, but I’m ready and excited to have big things happen. I want to stretch and test myself on a larger stage. It’s why I knew I was ready to be a dad (Despite all sorts of self-doubt, I knew). It’s why I knew I was ready to work for myself. It’s why now I know I’m ready to leap into the next project-budget-bracket. And there’s a reason for my overall confidence to take these leaps: Leah

Having Leah in my life has changed me in so many, many ways I couldn’t begin to count. But the most significant change is that Leah has given me the confidence to try. To try to be better. To try things I might not be able to do. To try. I know, without any doubt in my mind, that no matter what happens, not matter how well I do or how badly I fail, Leah’s go my back. She’ll be there for me, giving me love and support and encouragement.

So to you, Leah, thank you. I couldn’t do what I do without you; I love you.

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