The new Mac Mini

So, Apple has released new Mac Minis. My question still remains: Can the Mac Mini replace my VCR/PVR? Can it be my TiVO? And why, for the love of god why, is the hard drive so small? 80GB? that doesn’t even fit my music, let alone record any tv shows for me. Because once I have to add an external drive, the elegance of it is lost. Is this upgradable?

What I’d like is for someone, probably Apple, to show me a product page/instruction page that shows me how to make this the hub of my home entertainment centre. Because that’s what I want. Oh, yeah, and I gotta be able to use my TV as a screen. I’m assuming that with the DVI out, that can hook up to modern TVs? Does anyone know this?

Update: According to this guy, it works great with TVs. Now, I wonder how I can convince Leah we need this….oh yeah, I’d still need an external drive, just to jack the price a little higher…