A modest improvement

Last night Leah and I tried something a little different, in the hopes that we’d avoid the crying & screaming, and hopefully, Liam would sleep through the night. We were successful in the former, not so much in the latter. And sadly, I was still up every 2 hours. I was up because we decided that I would go into his room at the first hint of wakefulness by him – to stick the pacifier back in his mouth, flip him onto his back (when awake, he’s always either sitting up or up on all fours), and try and stroke and shush him back to sleep, without picking him up, etc. All the while, praying that the cats didn’t meow to wake him up. Roughly, here’s a log of the night:

7:45PM – Liam falls asleep
9:50PM – Liam wakes up. I go in to put him back to sleep
10:05PM – Liam falls asleep
11:15PM – we go to bed
12:15AM – Liam wakes up, I got in to put him back to sleep
12:30AM – Liam falls asleep
12:45AM – Sam meows, Leah goes downstairs and puts him on the balcony
3:10AM – Liam wakes up, I go in to put him back to sleep
3:20AM – Liam is asleep. I go to the bathroom. In the interim, Twitch starts meowing, because Sam has jumped off the balcony, and is now scratching at our door. I go downstairs to let in the cat.
3:35AM – the cats finally settle down again, so I go back upstairs, only to hear the sounds of Liam being awake.
3:50AM – I give up trying to get Liam back to sleep, who, while not crying, is definitely awake, and I tell Leah to come in
3:55AM – Leah goes into feed Liam, I go to sleep
4:10AM – Sam meows, so I throw him out on the balcony again, go back to bed
4:45AM – Leah comes back to bed
6:45AM – Twitch meows and scratches at our bedroom door. Tired, I just let him in an go back to sleep.
7:00AM – the alarm goes off

So, not exactly a restful night, but much less stressful without the crying. Hopefully over the next few days we’ll be able to improve on this night.

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