The Scary man where Dad Used to Be

Yesterday, perhaps at least a month or so overdue, I had a haircut. And I mean a haircut. Where once I had long, shaggy grey locks, I now have nearly no hair at all. I’m all streamlined for the summer, if you will. Liam, however, with very little experience in the world, and an even shorter memory, has no recollection of what I look like without long, shaggy hair. So, perhaps not unsurprisingly, when I came home last night, he reacted like he would with any stranger who was being overly familiar with him (I was attempting to roughhouse with him, as I often do when I come in) – he got scared, and started crying, and only Leah could console him. It wasn’t until I took him up for his bath, and did all the usual pre-bath “dad” things that I do with him that he visibly calmed down around me, and by the time I put him in bed, he was happy around me again.

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