New Office

Over the weekend, Jeff and I moved into Pencilneck‘s new office. And let me tell you – I’m so excited to be in our new space! Within the overall office-space, both Jeff and I have our own offices. With glass doors! that close! Oh happy day. It’s not that I don’t like Jeff, because I do. But as a sales guy, he’s on the phone alot. Which is noisy. And I like to listen to music while I work, which is also noisy. But the two noises are pretty incompatible. So now we can both do what we like! And there’s decent insulation, so I can play music at a volume I like, and he can talk at a volume he likes, and there’s no cross over! Yay!.

My ofice also has a window out into the common area, where very, very soon (far sooner than I feel ready for), there will be workers, working away. At the moment, there’s just stacks of boxes and wires hanging out of the wall, but soon, soon, there will be desks! And filing cabinets! Oh joy.

Equally exciting is that any day now, 2 shiny (ok, matte-black) Aeron office chairs!

Update: One more exciting thing: I’m getting a new computer! Yay! It’s my birthday, only 6 months early!