Goddamned hiccups!

Last night, we watched the (repeat) season finale of Project Runway (season 2). So, once asleep, I was having this really terribly stressful dream that I was one of the three finalists, and my runway show was any moment! I was running around doing last-minute sewing and hemming and stitching, although, because it was me, I really hated doing all of that, and really wasn’t very good at it, which of course only made this more stressful. And then the lights dimmed, and the music started (which, by the way, was someone else’s music, and was poorly mixed, so that all I could hear was the bass, and it was making me nauseous). So despite it all, things were going well. But then, my model, who’d brought me all the way to the finale, she got the hiccups on the runway! And she hiccupped really loudly and forcefully and tripped, and I was so, so mad – then I woke up to find that I had the hiccups. I somehow managed to get the hiccups while sleeping, which if you think about it, is a really loserish thing to do. So I’m wide awake, it’s 3:30 AM, with the hiccups. I tried to get them to go away, but after 20 minutes of it, I got up and went downstairs so that Leah could get back to sleep.

I tried all the usual remedies over and over again, but of course, nothing worked. In the end I gave up and stared dully at the television until they went away, around 5:30 AM. Yes, I had the hiccups for 2 hours in the middle of the night. Needless to say, I was a little over-tired and grumpy this morning.

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