A Trio of suicide-related songs

This morning on my way into work, my iPod treated me to a diverse trio of suicide related songs, which I thought was another one of those wonderul randomiser moments:

First up was “Rock’n’Roll Suicide” by David Bowie. Now, I don’t really know what this song’s about, but it does have suicide in the title.Next up was “I’ll be that Girl”, by the Barenaked Ladies, which is either advocating suicide or murder, depending on your interpretation (‘…if I had a gun, there’d be no tomorrow…’)

FInally, was “Hold On” by Pearl Jam, which seems to be advocating NOT committing suicide (‘I could be something/If I hold on’).

Not particularly interesting I know, but It was quite the walk to work with those 3 songs playing. That’s another good thing about my new office – it’s now a 15-20 minute walk, as opposed to a 5-8 minute walk, which means I get generally at least 3 or 4 songs on the old iPod, rather than 1 or 2. Once, actually, during a particularly long Neil Young live version of “Like a Hurricane”, one song took me 4.5 trips to/from work.