The Curious Truck Protest

So yesterday, for reasons that are just not at all clear to me, there was some sort of protest along our block of Cambie. There’s was some dozen or so truck-cabs all lined up, blocking traffic between Robson & Smithe, spilling over back to the block between Georgia & Robson. There are 2 targets for this protest, as I can see:

  1. The Law Society Building – which is in the middle of the block, but I don’t think it’s courts or anything, so I don’t know what beef truckers might have with them.
  2. The construction site at the corner of Robson & Cambie. Perhaps some dispute with the developers over payment, etc? There did seem to be a distinct lack of building going on yesterday, but who knows.

Interestingly, once stopped, all the truckers took care to cover up any identifying decals on their trucks – any corporate imagery, phone numbers, etc. Perhaps to make it clear this was a personal/union action, not a move by their company? Or to remain anonymous? I don’t know. It does strike me that one could probably identify a trucker from his license plate, if one wanted to, so I don’t know what covering up decals would do w/r/t remaining anonymous. I would’ve asked one of the truckers this, but not a single one could be seen – their trucks were there, but they were all elsewhere.

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