Last October, I started working on a mobile-content-delivery site, called Smaktones. Smaktones is different than all the other cellphone ringtone & wallpaper sites for 2 main reasons:

  1. All their content is original. No resales of Top 40 music, etc. Their wallpapers were all drawn by a well-known L.A. Tattoo Artists. They’re really more cellphone Tattoos then they are your usual wallpapers.
  2. They’re high-end: They only have MP3/M4A ringtones. No crappy 16-chord midi files here.

The project, to be honest, has been a very difficult one. In October, I knew absolutely nothing about how to deliver content to a cell phone. We’re working through a middleware provider, which made the entry a little easier, but even with their help, there are so many variables, so many undocumented “features” for all the various networks, manufacturers and models of phones, that it wasn’t until this week that the last of the originally-targeted US carriers was completed.

I now know ALL SORTS of fun facts about cell phones, cell phone carriers, cell phone specifications, etc. I could bore everyone for hours at a party. But what’s really cool is that, at the end of the day, I’ve helped launch a company that has a pretty cool product. Their ringtones are not yet available in Canada, but if you are in the States and use Cingular/AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint, head on over and check them out. At the very least, listen to some of their ringtone samples. Jeff, who’s on vacation in the states, is using our test phone while down there, and gets a laugh everytime his phone rings. His phone is set to ring using “Swingtone”, which cracks me up too, but you might not want to use in some “red” states.

Smaktones should be arriving in the UK within a month, and if all goes well, in Canada shortly thereafter.

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