Frackin’ Pennies!

This is one of those totally irrational pet peeves of mine. It’s easily summed up as this: When I Am King, I will eliminate the Penny. I hate pennies. They’re small, they’re ugly, they often smell bad (somehow, worse than other change), they’re not really worth anything. Clearly, most people agree with me, because anyone will toss aside a penny. When buying things, if you’re shy a penny or two, the store will always let you get away with it, because hey! It’s only a penny!

Except, my friends, for 7-11. And in the past 6 months, 7-11 has upped the price on everything you buy there so that it no longer rounds to the nearest nickel. A candy bar? $1.09. A Bottle of pop? $1.77. And in my experience (the notable exception being the overly friendly guy at the 7-11 on the Corner of Beattie & Smithe), 7-11 will never let you get away without the penny. To be quite honest, I’d rather they just up the price to the nearest nickel, if they really want to hassle me about it.

Last night, CTV news started a new series (a really bad one too), about the “truth” of common idioms. Last night’s was “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”, wherein they watched to see if people would pick up pennies from the street, and interviewed people about their savings. And of course, if you make small contributions over a long time, compound interest does add up. But still, they were talking about tens of dollars a month, not pennies a day.

Stupid pennies!