I’ve reached the point of la-di-da

We have 2 LARGE projects both launching, well, now. One should launch in about 45 minutes, the other at 8AM EST on Friday. I’ve been working on both for months. And now, when I should be excited about getting them off the plate, I instead find myself just not caring anymore. Both of these projects, you see, have had an inordinate amount of back-and-forth and QA rounds, ever-shifting spec, late-breaking edits, and even now, “urgent” edits to the site, and still, still I click through and find missing things. Normally, the day of launch we find the odd typo or technical glitch, but never missing things. I’m not quite sure what happened. Both, when they launch, will be fantastic websites. Both are really good for Pencilneck, and both lead to even more exciting projects in the next few months.

But right now, right this very second, I am so tired of looking at these sites, and I just want to go home and play with Liam, or go to the park, or really, do anything but the umpteenth-plus-one round of edits that I’m about to start on one, having just finished the umpteenth-squared round of edits on the other project.

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