Appleton Rum

Pencilneck Software‘s latest project has launched. It’s a Canadian website for Appleton Rum.

This site, designed by 3 Degrees West, was a lot of work, but is quite exciting for us. I’m fairly pleased with it, over all.

It’s in soft-launch right now, before the media blitz begins next week. If you all could be so kind as to click over to the site and check it out, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know of any errors or issues that you might find. I’ve had sporadic reports of the XML not properly loading into Flash for people on slower connections. If you experience such an issue, could you please let me know, a long with such info as your connection, your browser, what you were doing, etc? It would be much appreciated!

I can’t personally offer you anything but my thanks, but if you spend some time on the site, you can win a trip to Jamaica, which is a pretty sweet deal.