Of all the rotten lousy luck!

So, on Friday, Leah, Liam & I are heading off to France for a well-earned vacation. In 2003, I formally closed the business account of Pencilneck Creations, my consulting sideline that evolved into Pencilneck Software. At the time, I owed some leftover GST, which I promptly forgot about. Earlier this year, with help from my parents, I paid off nearly two arms & a leg’s worth of back taxes that I owed the government from the past few years. I (wrongly) has assumed that this included the GST that I had owed, given that it was a sole-proprietorship. In April of this year, I was informed otherwise, and told that I owed some further money for GST. I asked for a statement, so I could find out how much I owed. I did say I’d call them back, which I did not (My bad). They left 1 additional message at home, but never called me at work or on my cell.

So of course, currently, because I’m about to go on vacation to France, I have some money in my account (for once!). And so, of course, today, the government decided to yank that money out of my account. I called up to ask what the hell, and was told that I should have received some warning of this happening. I have no idea if I’ll get that money back (I doubt it), so of course, I’m currenly feeling a little fucked, but we’ll see what happens when I talk to them tomorrow. And the bigger question revolves around if they’ll continue to take out whatever money enters my account or not. Because if they do, how do I pay rent? or bills? or, you know, buy lunch?

This, combined with ongoing tax-related issues with the government and Pencilneck (they’re always wrong about what we’ve paid and what we owe, and seem to occasionally arbitrarily add or remove monies owing from our account), is not endearing the CCRA to me in any way shape or form.

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