un-waterproof life

So, it’s raining. And I’m wearing Doc Martin boots (am I the only one left who wears these?). And a rain coat. An expensive, guaranteed for life raincoat. And you know what? Both of them are slowly but surely leaking water through them. My boots, they leak in 2 places. They both have cracks in the sole, where water comes in if I step into a puddle. Additionally, they leak along the front of the stitched seam at the base. The stitched-seam leak is new since the winter when I last wore them in the rain. My Raincoat? It just doesn’t seem to repel water anymore. At first, the water beads off, just like it should. But slowly, as I continue to walk, the water ceases to bead. Then the fabric darkens. Shortly after that, where there’s no lining, I feel a cold damp. By the time I’ve reached work, there are beads of water running along the mesh of the inner lining as well.

My regular shoes, day-hikers from North Face, are currently at the repair shop. Oh, how I long for a waterproof life again!