Random Photo

So I’ve finally figured out how to make a random photo from my photo gallery show up, and it now is, down a little on the right. One thing it has exposed is my need to rename Photos!

Hopefully, this’ll add some color to my site for all of your enjoyment, as well remind everyone who cares that there’s pictures to look at too, should that be what floats your boat.

Curiously, if you look at the sectional headers on the sidebar, you’ll see that that I have use 3 different variations of “Constructivist Square” over the years. They’re all ostensibly the same font, all the same type-size, but yet there’s clearly 3 different typefaces there. I don’t get it. I suppose I should redo the old ones to match my curent version, which is the P22 Constructivist Square (which, somewhat ironically, rounds the ‘s’), which I bought after getting my new computer, because I idiotically deleted my old fonts directory when I migrated.

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