Curious IE 7/Outlook bug?

So I’ve downloaded the latest IE 7 beta, to see what wierdness will happen to my sites (answer: lots of minor annoyances, nothing “broken” by any means. I suspect that I, and possibly the original designer, will be the only ones to ever notice anything has changed) and a curious side-effect has occurred: I can no longer print from Outlook’s preview pane. I can print fine if I open the message, but I can’t print just from previewing it, like I have been able to do until now. Not only does it throw an error, but it causes all of my mail-filtering rules to stop working once I receive the error. If I restart Outlook again, all is good.

The answer, I suppose, is to just open every message I want to print, or figure out what security restriction is causing it (I suspect it’s some new security setting) and remove that, but it’s mildly annoying…

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