Hipster baby Food Store

So ever since I first experienced “Baby Row” up on 4th ave in Kits, I’ve been saying to Leah that a sure-fire business idea in Vancouver would be to start a high-end baby food store on that strip in Kits. An now, yet another article detailing all the options that are now appearing for baby food.

So, if you’re looking for a good business, like babies/mothers & cooking, here’s what you should do:

  1. Stock high quality, organic brands of baby-foods.
  2. Offer daily-made, or high-quality take-away frozen meals for proto- or recent parents
  3. Offer cooking for babies courses, showing new parents how to cook meals that they and their babies can eat.
  4. Sell family-friendly/baby-friendly cookbooks
  5. Have “guest chefs” in. If possible, hook up with local celebrity chefs to have them create unique baby meals. What well-to-do Vancouverite parent wouldn’t want a Feenie purée?
  6. Possibly, and this might be diluting the brand, sell baby-food paraphenalia: bibs, cups, bowls, high chairs, etc.

So there. That’s my top-secret business idea, now laid bare for all to read and steal. Had I any time & funding, I might well do it myself. If you do take something from my idea, let me know!