Keys! I want keys!

So, in other exciting news, I spent all weekend with Liam, while Leah took her first aid course. This marks the first time I’ve spent 2 whole days, sans Leah with him. Leah, of course, was worried, but it was great! The Little Dude and I had lots of fun, going to Ikea, going shopping, going hiking, etc. And most excitingly, he started walking this weekend! It happened while he and I were at Ikea – he was investigating a bed-spread (it had a new-to-him texture, when he saw something across the aisle that also needed to be touched. And rather than crawling over, or grabbing my hand, he just turned around a walked!.

So when he walks, he holds one arm straight out, and kind of shuffles drunkenly around, which, combined with his love of keys, makes me think that he’s some sort of zombie, only one that wants keys, not brains…

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