Change is in the air

Things have been quiet around here of late – I’ve been busy both at work and at school, because there are some pretty big changes coming up in the next little while:

  1. This is the most exciting: Leah starts Nursing school on Tuesday! her stint as a stay-at-home mum officially comes to and end in just 4 days! I’m very excited for her, and very proud that she’s finally starting to do something she’s been wanting for so long
  2. Because of #1, Liam is starting daycare! He’s actually already started – this week was his ‘ease-in’ week, where every day he stayed for a little longer than the day before. Next week, he’s full-time (well, 4-days a week)
  3. Liam’s only going 4 days a week because I’m going to stay home every Friday to hang out with him! I’m very excited that I get to spend a day a week with him (alone, as opposed to with Leah as well), and hopefully get to watch him grow a little more than I’ve currently been able to.
  4. We’re moving in October! We’re moving into a 3-bedroom apartment at another Co-Op, just the other side of the Cambie bridge. This is super-convenient for Leah, who’s attending Langara college, and still convenient for me, as I work at Cambie & Smithe.
  5. on the work side, we’re expanding! We’re expanding both in number of staff and in number of locations. We’ll be hiring at least one developer, I think, in the next few weeks, if not more. If you’re a vancouver-based Perl or ColdFusion developer who wants a job, drop us a line.
  6. in November, Jeff, my business partner, will be moving to, and opening, an American office for us in Florida. His wife is American, and has been wanting to move back for quite some time. Seeing as our client base is increasingly international, and continental in scale, we felt like now was the right time for us to make this move. It’s scary, but exciting!
  7. I’m going to buy a car! An old, old, old car to be sure, but a car! that I’ll own! I’ve never owned a car (I’ve leased on before).

So the combination of all of the above is keeping me pretty darn busy right now. Once Leah, Liam & I settle into our new roles, I suspect the posting will return with more regularity. In the interim, happy Labour Day, everyone!