So I moved again this weekend. I have a history of moving quite alot. Indeed, I lived at my last place longer (2 years!) than anywhere else since 1995. You’d think I’d get enough of moving, but apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment. The packing was awful – Leah and I just couldn’t co-ordinate both packing and looking after Liam, or packing while he was sleeping, etc. Last weekend, Jess & Guy helped us pack up a whole bunch of stuff, leaving essentially the kitchen, the bedroom and taking apart furniture. Me, completely missing the mark, assumed I’d be able to do all of that in about 4-5 hours, for which I took off Thursday. We finally finished packing at about 10:30 on Friday morning, which was half an hour after the movers arrived to start taking stuff to the truck. The move itself was great. The movers were fast, friendly and most importantly, not drunk. I’d totally use Reay’s moving again. I was expecting, what with the awful stairs, and our sheer amount of stuff, about a 6.5 -7 hour move. They did it in about 5, which was great.

Our new place, which is a 3-bedroom (the entire reason for moving – to get an extra room to be an office for Leah/myself to study/work at home), is up in the Cambie village, where I lived many, many years ago now and really quite like. It’s convenient for work & Daycare (Cambie bus north), as well as Leah’s school (Cambie bus south). And there’s no stairs in our apartment. Which may sound like an odd thing to say, but we’re both quite happy to be away from the steep narrow stairs at our old place. For one thing, Liam can now wander freely about the apartment. We’re not constantly worried he’s going to take a header down a flight of steep stairs.

I’ll send my new address along to friends and family shortly, so if you’re wondering where I live, look for an email. Now, a day of work, then home to my sea of boxes.

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