This really gets my goat

So one of the bad things about a rapidly changing technology is that, well, it changes rapidly. And sometimes, more often than I think anyone should find reasonable, sometimes when things change, they change in such a way that things that worked one day the next no longer do (could I make that sentence any more tortured? I think not). And so we have great things like an “advanced search” feature on a heavily used site that works perfectly happily (if not always as intended) for 2 years. Then one day, WHAM! it doesn’t work. And the code that was working ceases to work. And all attempts to fix it based on one’s understanding of how said code works from 2 years ago is now so hopelessly out of date that one is nearly forced to spend another thousand-odd dollars on a course to learn how to metaphorically ride the proverbial bike all over again(are metaphors & proverbs like negatives, and two of them cancel each other out?).

And this when one is several days behind in one project, about to be several days behind in another as a direct result of project a, and hopelessly behind in a yet another, so utterly hopelessly behind that adding the (days of) delays of projects A and B does not statistically affect the lateness of project C at all. Not to mention ongoing internal project D, which was started in April, last worked on with any regularity in July and was originally supposed to be done in May, and may, if everything works out, may just launch more or less one year later than originally intended, by which point, it will probably be immediately superseded (or is it superceded?) by either a version 2.0, or another animal altogether.

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