I am Losing it

I should be deep in development of the next version of my CMS (V4). In lots of ways, I am deep in development. The problem is that I should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have 2 development days left on it. It must be at least beta-able, for a client, next week, while I’m down in Las Vegas. I leave Monday. My personal suspicion is that I have about 45 hours worth of development left to get to where I want it to be at that point. But I don’t have 45 hours. If I go really hard, I have 24, possibly 30 hours left of development time. Which might get me to an alpha build. Or it might not. But on top of that development schedule, I have to finish QA/beta-edits on a soon-to-be-launched site, probably train a client on that same site, move another website to a new server and test that, do general maintenance tasks for existing clients (about 4 hours worth), eat, sleep, and spend time with Liam so that Leah can study for and ace her midterms.

Oddly, seeing the impossible task I have before me laid out in this post makes me feel much better about it.

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