Failed as a Parent (and as a chocoholic)

So as you probably know, tonight’s Halloween. And nothing says cute like a toddler all dressed up as something. But! With me having been away, and Leah having been in midterms last week, we completely failed to get Liam a little costume. And I don’t think that we have anything at home that we could squeeze him into. So I don’t think the little guy’s going to go trick-or-treating tonight. Which might not be so bad for him – we don’t let him eat candy, and trick-or-treating time tends to be right around dinner time, which Liam hates missing, being a healthy eater. And then it’s suddenly bed-time. But! I’ve had 3 enquiries (is that a britishism? should I use inquiries?) from neighbours about whether or not we’ll be bringing him around tonight. So maybe we should. But do I have time to scramble around and get a costume for him? Probably not. And really, will there be anything left in toddler size anywhere? So I think we’ll skip the trick-or-treating tonight, somewhat sadly. But we’ll be all over it next year. Although, I probably said the same thing last year.

The other downside is that I won’t get to eat any chocolate, if Liam’s not collecting it on my behalf 😉

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