Senior ColdFusion Developer Needed

So we (Pencilneck Software) are in pretty urgent need for a senior-level ColdFusion developer. We’re located, if you don’t know, in Vancouver, BC. You’d need to be able to be in Vancouver on an ongoing basis. We don’t have a relocation budget, but we’re happy to try and work something out if you’re a super-star and currently reside elsewhere.

Some desired qualifications:

  • ColdFusion mastery – 3+ years’ experience, Certified Professional-level, etc a must. Flex know-how is a definite feather in your cap.
  • SQL know-how. I don’t need a DBA, but you better know how to write and optimize T-SQL for performance. The more you know about this stuff, the more we want you.
  • Flexibility – we’re a small team, where everyone does a little bit of everything beyond just their main task. You might have to take a client call, do some basic-level support, or create a graphic for a site from time to time.
  • Understand HTML/CSS/JS, and embrace W3C/Accessibility standards. You don’t have to know front-end stuff, but it is an asset.
  • Excellent english. I speak fast, Jeff speaks fast. We both loathe having to repeat ourselves.
  • A post-secondary degree. It doesn’t really matter what major. In many ways, I’d prefer it if your degree wasn’t industry-related, but all I care about is that you can finish something as difficult as a university or college degree.
  • You can start more or less immediately.

That’s the core set. We offer benefits, flexible hours, gym membership, continuing education, etc. Salary will be based on experience and skills. If you’re interested, please send me your info at stannock[at]

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