The Cuteness is killing me

I’ve been pretty quiet about the life & times of one young Liam Tannock, but there’s a few things that just melt my heart that I’d like to share with you all:

  • Liam associates computers with elephants. When he sees my computer, he immediately starts making trumpeting noises (which he does for elephants). I wish I had audio or video of him doing it. This is because there are elephants in Civilization IV, which both Leah and I have been playing lately
  • His belly button is a “beep-beep!”. If you ask “what’s this?” when pointing at his belly button, he’ll chirp “Beep-beep!” back at you.
  • When he wants to read a book, he’ll come running up to me, then stop, turn around, a slowly back up until he trips over my legs and falls backwards into my lap.
  • He loves construction vehicles. With all the work along Cambie, this means there’s lots of time where he’ll stand speechless watching diggers dig, bulldozers bulldoze and trucks haul.

Liam! With balloon string