The Morning from hell

I woke up this morning to my cat puking on my face. I don’t think he intended to, as I only got a few drops as he made a mad dash to the hallway, where he finished puking. So I got to clean that up as my first act this morning. Then, when I was in the shower, I heard Liam start to just scream. Not the early morning “I’m bored and I want to get up now” wails that I’m used. These, to my ears, were “I’ve fallen out of my crib and broken my arm/leg/back/head/neck”. So, sopping wet, I ran into his room, to find that he’s managed to get his right leg stuck in his bars and bent at a horrifying angle, his knee looped awkwardly on the outside, with his ankle looped on the inside of the bars. I carefully, gingerly untangle his leg, and sit down with him on my lap to comfort him. He’s totally fine (although I do believe he may be getting a cold), as he was walking and running around the house chasing the cat a few minutes later. The sum of these means that we’re running really late. We eventually get out the door at 8:20, only to have 2 buses drive past our stop because they’re too full. We finally get on a bus, and, apart from an almost comically mean bus driver, the ride was fine. Except that I can hear my cell phone buzzing in my bag – but given the fullness of the bus, and Liam sitting on my lap, I can’t get to it. So I ignore it. Then, when we’re walking from the bus to daycare, Liam’s juice explodes all over us. This sets him crying again, because it’s cold and he’s now wet and sticky, and I’m cold, because the juice somehow manages to pool in my pocket, and then seep slowly but inexorably onto my pants. I’m now wandering around looking like I’ve just pissed myself. Not to mention that my iPod is now sitting in a pool of juice. I get that sorted out, get Liam to daycare, late, and hustle to work, aware by the 4 phone calls I haven’t answered that there’s something wrong.

When I get to work, I learn that one of our dedicated servers crashed, bringing down our most important, must-be-up-at-all-times websites. And, what makes me feel the worst, is that I let down one of our not-for-profit clients, who were trying to do a webcast this morning of the keynote speech from their first annual conference, and couldn’t, because our server was down. And I hate letting down our clients, and our NFP clients in particular.

So yeah, it’s been a shitty, shitty morning.