The Police

So I really want to see The Police reunion tour. And so I dutifully signed up for the Best Buy newsletter to get the chance to get presale seats. And then when that first day came along, and I tried to get tickets, I couldn’t. No pair of tickets available. So then I tried during the general sale. All Sold Out. But then they added a new show, and today at 10AM, there were supposed to be another bunch of presale tickets released (And indeed, there were). So this time, I got online right at 10AM and tried to get a pair of cheap(ish) seats. Nothing. So then I tried a pair at the medium price. Nothing. So then I tried one at any price. And there are lone tickets available. For $225!!! Which is just flat out ridiculous. The Police are not worth that much. I can’t think of any event worth that much to me. I was even griping about the $60, but was willing to make a one-time exception to go up to $95. But not $225.

So here’s my thing. How is it possible that in the 45 seconds it took me to fill in the form, and for it to return the first (non) match, that all the available cheap seats were gone? And why, Ticketmaster, why can I only select “Best Available” and not “cheapest available” when searching for tickets? Grr.

Stymied three times, I’ve given up on seeing The Police now. Well, maybe I’ll brave the general release on the weekend, but probably not.