Reality Check

Last night, at an event, I took some photos of the people there. Several people asked what I intended to do with them. When I responded “I’m going to post them on Flickr“, I received completely blank stares from 3 separate people. My oh-so-erudite explanation of what Flickr was? “Oh, you know, Flickr: the photo site”. A reminder that all of these 3 people were in and around my age; used cellphones; were smart & cultured. A small part of me still thinks they were pulling my leg for some reason. But no, it’s true – not everyone in the world has heard of Flickr. But and so, I will post these photos on Flickr, and they will see the glory (note to the inquiring public – due to the nature of the event, these photos will not be publicly accessible, so you’ll not see them – again, how great is Flickr? I can share these photos easily with this incredibly diverse group, without having to share them with the whole world!)

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