3 bad movies

I watched 3 bad movies over the weekend, each of which suffered more from predictability rather than terrible writing or acting. The offenders were:

  1. You, Me & Dupree – I think Owen Wilson’s innate charm is wearing thin. This movie just annoyed me.
  2. John Tucker Must Die – to be honest, this movie was actually better than I expected. Seeing as all teenage rom/coms are essentially the same, I at least was entertained throughout the movie.
  3. The Oh in Ohio – An “indie” film about sexual dysfunction in America. Fine enough, and it was pleasant to see that Mischa Barton was playing a different character from her O.C. role, but still, too predictable, and a little overly cutesy.

Aside: Why is fictional America (and I’m assuming, by extension, factual America), so hung up on sex? A recurring theme across this movie was sexual repression – women horrified by the idea of masturbating, or calling more exploratory women sluts, etc. – this was all played straight more or less, as if it’s a generally accepted paradigm, rather than something to be laughed at. The women who masturbated or had more sex were played for awkward humor. It’s really baffling to me.