Outlook 2007 blues

I’m running Office (and thus, Outlook) 2007 both at home and at work. For the most part, I’m a fan of it – I really like the new interface. And I like being able to subscribe to and read RSS feeds right in Outlook.

But there are 2 things I really, really, really don’t like. First (and least), I don’t like the new HTML rendering engine that breaks most of the email newsletters I receive (although I’ve noticed tht nearly all have now accounted for Outlook 2007 now).

Worst, however, is what happens when outlook is getting & sending mail (or ‘synchronizing folders’, as it calls it): it completely hoses my computer. Everything becomes unresponsive while it’s doing this. And because it automatically checks mail every 15 minutes, and I generally get at least a dozen or so messages every 15 minutes, it’s really intrusive and annoying. And I don’t know why it does this. I do store messages on the server for 5 days (so I can get the same mail both at work and at home), so there’s upwards of 15000 messages on my server. So maybe that slows it down. And I have a large PST file (at last check, about 2.8GB). So that could be it too. And I do check against 4 email accounts. So that could be it too. But that’s no different than what I had running the previous Outlook and I’ve never experienced this until I upgraded.

Is anyone else running Outlook 2007? Having these problems? Have a suggestion/solution for me (that involved my still using outlook 2007)?

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