Bad Massage Luck

So, wow! this place has been long-dormant. Mostly because life & work have been nothing less than insane, but also because I have a slowly percolating idea to re-tool this site. Only I haven’t figured out exactly how, or what I want. Which leads to much nothing going on. But why not return to the issue at hand: massage therapy

Working as I do, at a computer all day (and all to frequently, all night too), I tend to get really stiff arms/shoulders. When I work crazy, crazy hours, this leads to some carpel-tunnel-like symptoms as well. Massage Therapy does absolute wonders for this. I really enjoy massage therapy. The steady pummeling of my body, while not exactly enjoyable during the process, rejuvenates me significantly, and I generally feel better for days, if not weeks afterwards.

But I can’t seem to hold on to a massage therapist. Going back nearly 6 years now, I’ve never seen a single MT for more than 6 sessions. And remember, I try and do this every 6-8 weeks. Why? I don’t know. There have been several who’ve moved out of Vancouver, another who went to medical school, one just magically disappeared, with their phone number suddenly being someone else’s. I believe the most recent departure may have been fired – polite inquiries as to what happened to him, so I could continue to see him elsewhere were politely redirected. And the new guy at my chiropractor is fine, but I wasn’t that impressed. Tellingly, I didn’t immediately want to book another appointment. And, then, if I try someone else at the same place, there’s the awkward ‘So, I didn’t like you, I want to try someone else’ potential conversation should I run in to him while at another appointment.

I do have a preference for male MTs. Mostly because of hand-size – I’m quite ticklish and in my experience, female MTs have smaller hands and are more likely to tickle me. Also, I do really want to be pummelled – while not enjoyable, the deep-tissue massage does wonders to stop my wrists from being sore, my neck from hurting, etc.

And the point of all this? If you have a Vancouver-based MT who you love and are willing to share, could you please let me know?

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