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JANE’S WALK May 2 & 3 2009

Think City in partnership with The Centre for City Ecology nationally ( is celebrating the legacy of urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs with a series of free walking tours that emphasize the importance of building strong, connected communities through diverse and walkable cities and neighbourhoods. We would like to invite you to lead a walking tour in your neighbourhood as part of this event.

Leading a tour is simple. It merely involves planning a route, thinking through the stories, places and people you want to talk about, then walking participants through it. Be as creative as you like, Jane’s Walks are meant to be fun, engaged and participatory.  All tours are given, and taken, for free. We handle all the publicity, logistics and website management.

Last year, Jane’s Walk was held simultaneously in 11 cities across the country and this past year was a first for Vancouver. Inspired by Jane Jacob’s grassroots vision of the city and her belief that in order to know your city “you have to get out and walk”, Jane’s Walk is a simple idea. It is free, it connects people and builds communities by promoting urban literacy and citizen engagement.

You don’t have to be familiar with Jane Jacobs’ work to lead a tour. Many of her tenets have long been incorporated into today’s urban planning. To learn more about Jane Jacobs and for details of what Jane’s Walk was like last year in other cities visit the national website.

Jane’s Walk is an exceptional opportunity for people to discover their city; both places they think they know well, and places they want to explore.  We hope you’ll join us in offering an insider take on our city’s vibrant and fascinating neighborhoods. To learn more about this exciting event or to apply to be a tour guide visit our website or send an email to

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kim Fleming
Jane’s Walk Vancouver

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